Standards and EU Exit

The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020. At the end of the EU exit transition period, on 31 December 2020 the UK, with exceptions in Northern Ireland, will no longer automatically align with EU rules or obligations.

Please note that what follows is provided as information only and should not be regarded as legal advice.



The UKCA mark will be the mark placed on a product to declare regulatory conformity to specific laws in England, Scotland and Wales (the GB market area) following the end of the EU exit transition period. It will replace the CE marking in that regard. Relevant products placed on the GB market from on 1 January 2021 and beyond will need to meet UK regulatory requirements and then have the UKCA mark affixed to them.

Northern Ireland will continue to use the CE marking, and in some cases also the new mark, UKNI. EU notified bodies will continue to be involved in the conformity assessment for products placed on the market in Northern Ireland that are subject to CE marking legislation. The UKNI mark will only be affixed to a product if a UK notified body has been used in the conformity assessment, and it will accompany the CE marking. Products labelled with the CE and UKNI marks will be legal for supply in Northern Ireland, not in the EU. They will also be legal for supply in Great Britain if placed on the market by a Northern Ireland business.

As an exception to the UKCA marking rules, the CE marking will continue to be accepted in the UK for relevant goods coming from the EU until the end of 2021 (with some specific exceptions, such as 30 June 2023 for medical devices), provided neither UK nor EU legislation changes in the meantime.



The UK government, through the relevant Secretary of State, will designate certain standards that can confer a presumption of conformity with relevant UK regulations (UKCA marking regulations). It is anticipated that these will be listed on a section of the ‘’ website. BSI is working with government to provide the information necessary for government to develop and run a system for the designation of standards.

This will replace the citation by the European Commission of harmonised standards in the Official Journal of the EU as part of the new UKCA regime for the Great Britain market.



BSI's membership of CEN and CENELEC continues beyond the end of the EU exit transition period. The General Assemblies of CEN and CENLELEC have set a timeframe to update the organizations’ statutes in response to the UK’s departure from the EU. This will run until the end of 2021, enabling the UK’s continued influence over standards produced in CEN and CENELEC, providing stability and certainty. BSI is confident its membership will continue beyond that time and is working with the other CEN and CENELEC members to ensure the best outcome for the UK.



BSI’s membership of ETSI continues and will not undergo a statute review as membership arrangements are unaffected by the UK’s exit from the EU. BSI’s voting on ETSI ENs has also moved to the non-EEA category.

BSI’s membership of the international standards organisations ISO and IEC is unaffected by the UK’s exit from the EU.

(Source: BSi Group)

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