RSMA Ltd – Dissolved at Companies House

25 February 2019

Your Trade Association, ‘The Road Safety Markings Association’ exists as an ‘unincorporated body’ and has operated (and continues to operate) successfully for some time as such. Some years ago, a decision was taken to establish (and register with Companies House) ‘RSMA Ltd’. This was done to facilitate the RSMA changing its status from ‘unincorporated’ to ‘Limited by Guarantee’ should such a move be agreed by members. ‘RSMA Ltd’ was in effect dormant, awaiting the transfer to it of the RSMA ‘unincorporated’ entity. This never happened. The result being that the RSMA continued to operate, as it still does today, as an unincorporated body; a status shared by many other similar organisations. ‘RSMA Ltd’ existed in name only and had no assets.

At the RSMA AGM in 2017, members decided against becoming a company limited by guarantee and instructed the Executive Committee to terminate the existence of ‘RSMA Ltd’. This instruction by the membership was carried out towards the end of 2018 and effective 19 February 2019, ‘Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) Ltd’ was dissolved by Companies House at our request.

RSMA CEO Stu McInroy said:

"I should like to assure members that it is business as usual at the Road Safety Markings Association – for the avoidance of doubt, nothing has changed. We continue to operate as we have previously - supporting, training, assessing and representing our members."

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