Richard Clements Q&A

Richard Clements, DVSA

  1. Following the removal of the MOT exemption for road construction vehicles, will there be changes to exemptions in the future on licencing and tachographs?
    There are no planned changes at this present time.
  2. How will Brexit affect the EU regulations required for vehicles at present for road worthiness?
    There will be just as much a need to comply as vehicles that travel to Europe would be targeted as non compliant.
  3. Why was it thought now would be a good time to change the status quo and remove the MOT exemption?
    We needed to comply with the Testing Directive 2014/45/EU or face infraction proceedings (this had to be implemented by 20 May this year).
  4. How do we get around the inconsistency of vehicle testers, e.g. 3 vehicles pass, 1 fails, and all vehicles identical, and can’t appeal as vehicles needed?
    We have a Quality Control regime where tester are QCd by line managers, QAI (quality Assurance and Improvement) officers and a complaints and appeals process. If the presenter is not happy with a test decision they should start by challenging this decision on site. It is a statutory right of appeal if you do not wish to use it then you must complain.
  5. With a large volume of vehicles still to be tested, am I likely to face issues getting my vehicles tested by May 2019?
    Only if the prediction on the number of vehicles is correct, in which case do not hang around get it tested now.
  6. My understanding is that vehicles must receive their MOT certificate prior to VED, by May 2019. Is that correct?
    Yes you must be tested in order to get you tax.

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