Michael Smyth Q&A

Michael Smyth, GRAHAM

  1. Has the Connect programme led to an increase in productivity?

There has been a discernible impact on the bottom line but that could be linked to a number of factors.  What we did measure was an individual’s report on their own productivity along with their manager’s views.  In both cases the positive impact increased from c 15-20%.  This is linked to the high increases in engagement for participants across all questions on our engagement survey (by at least 10%) measured against the general population.

  1. Have you seen a financial reward from the Connect programme?

Again it’s hard to quantify if increased profit and turnover are directly linked to CONNECT but they increased during the period of launching to the present.  The financial reward has been in lower turnover of staff, which reduces recruitment costs and also lower grievance/disciplinary issues which reduces any potential legal fees.  Absenteeism has also decreased dramatically which means we have increased the number of active working days – this reduces sick pay/impacts on productivity.

  1. Have you received feedback from employees on the Connect programme? Does the feedback differ between directors/managers and operatives?

We carry out regular surveys across all employee types along with opportunities for ad hoc feedback through suggestion schemes/specialised intranet areas.  Feedback has been c 85% ‘excellent’ consistently.  There has been little difference in the feedback from Directors to operatives.  The strength of the programme is that it adapts to individual needs so that flexibility allows personal success.  We also make changes based on employee feedback, whilst looking at the best way to distribute development funds to those areas of CONNECT that make the most impact eg 1-2-1 coaching.

  1. At what point do you implement your Connect plus with new employees? At the induction stage or year 1?

Employees start the official CONNECT process post probation which is at 6 months.  We have mirrored the probation process to be CONNECT ‘lite’ with informal discussions with managers from Day 1 but omitting the more expansive coaching/wellbeing elements.  However we do run general wellbeing programmes which are open to all employees from commencement of employment.

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