EU Court Rules Commission Authorisation of Lead Chromates was Illegal

11 March 2019

In December 2016, the European Commission granted Dominion Colour Corporation (DCC) permission to continue to sell pigments containing Lead Chromate within the EU. This permission was due to expire in May 2019.

On 7 Mar 2019, the EU General Court ruled that the decision by the European Commission was illegal. Effective immediately, DCC can no longer sell pigments containing Lead Chromate within the EU.

The RSMA is aware that the majority of Members that were using Lead Chromate in their products, have already transitioned, or are in the process of transitioning to alternative methods of colouring.

It appears that the EU General Court directive applies only to DCC sales of pigment.

The RSMA is mindful that products produced using Lead Chromate may have been stockpiled and could, potentially, be introduced into the distribution chain.

The RSMA is currently working to establish if the EU General Court ruling applies to products created using DCC Lead Chromate pigment prior to the ruling of 7 Mar 2019.

Members with any queries or concerns on this matter are requested in the first instance to contact

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