CS 126 Publishing Error

The RSMA has identified an error in CS 126: Inspection and Assessment of Road Markings and Road Studs. Highways England has confirmed the error, see below for corrective action.

The following table (B.2) is taken from Appendix B, page 25 of the document:

Characteristics Threshold level Method
Retroreflectivity (R) < 100 mcd/m2 /lux in lit areas and < 150 mcd/m2 /lux in unlit areas for line type (a) - see note 2


< 80 mcd/m2 /lux in lit areas and < 120 mcd/m2 /lux in unlit areas for line type (b) - see note 2


< 35 mcd/m2 /lux for "Condition of wetness" (where applicable for markings specified to SHW [Ref. 5])

BS EN 1436 [Ref 8.N]
Wear < 30 Score for each type of marking Visual assessment (Table B.1)
Luminance factor (β) or Luminance co-efficient (Qd) < 0.30 for white or < 0.20 for yellow line type (c) or Q2 or B3 BS EN 1436 [Ref 8.N]

Note 2: Critical areas of the network refer to those areas of the network that may pose a risk to the road user if badly worn. These should be defined with local knowledge and should include:

  1. "Give Way" lines and "STOP" signs;
  2. regulatory road markings, e.g. double white lines, solid edged ghost islands;
  3. large areas of markings, e.g. "SLOW" markings, exit arrows to slips on the main line and on-carriageway 'destinations';
  4. transverse yellow bars;
  5. road markings at or within 50m of a junction.

The 'Threshold level' column refers to line type (a) and line type (b) and points the reader to note 2.

Members should take the following corrective action when referencing CS 126, Table B.2:

  1. Ignore/delete the wording written in red.
  2. Define ‘line type (a)’ as all markings referred to in Note 2.
  3. Define ‘line type (b)’ as all markings not listed in Note 2.

CS 126 can be accessed here.

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