Member Update from the Chief Executive (7 July 21).

The health, safety and welfare of RSMA staff and member companies remains at the forefront of RSMA operations during the current COVID-19 outbreak. The RSMA shall continue to monitor and be guided by the advice provided by the UK Government and shall continue to operate and support members to the maximum possible degree.

As at 7 July:

  • The RSMA is operating a ‘near normal’ service.
  • The RSMA office is open and operating on minimum staffing levels.
  • The RSMA office is a COVID secure environment.
  • We continue to post COVID-19 relevant information on the RSMA website.
  • We continue to distribute information via social media platforms, Linkedin and Mailchimp (check your ‘junk’ folder and designate as ‘not junk’ to stay in the information loop and receive future e-mails).
  • We continue to publish ‘On the Line’ monthly.
  • The RSMA Conference & Awards event shall be on 3 Feb 2022.
  • We plan to host a physical MIG on 18 Nov 21.
  • Top Marks will be distributed in November.
  • We continue to host Health & Safety and Technical Forums and the sub-working groups relating to both (Traffic Management, Yellow Chromaticity et al). This is in addition to meetings of the National Highways Sector Scheme #7 Committee, Highways England, BSi and others. All meetings are currently held via a video conferencing platform.
  • The Sector Skills Manager is available for on-site training/ assessments. Some limitations are in place and requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please contact the office for further details.
  • We are now able to accept video evidence of work undertaken (to be assessed by the Sector Skills Manger) in order to progress trainees and maintain training momentum.
  • All delayed SAP Groups have been rescheduled.
  • SAP Group 68 commences 6 Sep 21. Please contact the office if you wish to request a place. The additional Linetrain grant will be available.
  • We are not yet able to confirm if the Linetrain grant will be available for Groups 69 and 70.
  • We are accepting bookings/registration of individuals for all future training/assessment. Some limitations may apply. Please contact the office for details.

If you have any queries, please contact the office on 01427 610101.

Best wishes,

Stu McInroy
Chief Executive
Road Safety Markings Association

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