RSMA Welcomes General Election Promises of Funding for Highways

6 December 2019

The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) is pleased to note that funding for highways has been made a focal point for the forthcoming General Election. Local highways have been under-invested in for decades and the commitment of the two largest political parties to highways spending is to be welcomed.

While the Conservatives have pledged to spend £2bn on a pothole-filling programme, it is disappointing that both they, and the Labour Party, have not afforded the same priority to deteriorating road markings; arguably a much greater danger to public safety.

Stu McInroy, Chief Executive of the RSMA said: “We welcome the commitments from the Conservative and Labour Parties to increase funding for highways, but the public needs to be reassured that a comprehensive road markings refreshment scheme shall be implemented.

“The public want Local Authorities to provide value-for-money solutions. The application and maintenance of road markings by a National Highways Sector Scheme 7 accredited contractor, which is mandated by Highways England and on most TfL work, is the most cost-effective way of improving the local road network. What is mandated for on the Strategic Road Network should also be mandated on the local road network, to ensure the tax-paying public are seeing a return on their investment.”

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