As heard recently at Roadmarking Live 2017, local roads across the country could suffer as council leaders claimed that by 2020 almost 60p in every pound of council tax revenue could be spent on social care.


The Local Government Association (LGA) have said that as a result, less funding will be available for other services and only 5p in every pound could be spent on road maintenance and street lighting.


Analysis published by the LGA ahead of the Autumn Budget forecast that for every pound of council tax collected by councils, 56p could be spent on social care, up from 41p in 2010/11.


The result of such measures will be an increase in poorly maintained local roads. This will be at odds with the Government’s ambitions to have driverless cars on our roads in the near future. The effect of poorly maintained roads and poorly maintained road markings will be felt; road markings will play a key role in the future of autonomous vehicles. These vehicles will not work if the road markings which they rely on are not maintained to a high standard. This will place additional pressures on government and local authorities to ensure that the roads they are responsible for are maintained to a high standard.


The Government must recognise that under the current trajectory, local authorities will be unable to fund all of their services. The LGA said that by 2020, local government in England will have lost 75% of the Revenue Support Grant funding that it received in 2015. Almost half of all councils (168) - will no longer receive any of this central government funding by 2019/20.