The RSMA has become the first trade body in the highways sector to obtain ISO9001:2015 quality assurance accreditation, following a certification body visit in June. The award, which covers the Association’s Training and Representation (Lobbying) activities, is also thought to be a first for any trade association in the UK.


The RSMA requires all of its members to demonstrate the quality of their services and products through compliance with ISO9001 series accreditation and therefore it is important that we live up to those exacting standards of quality, customer service and product integrity too.


The achievement of the ISO9001 award follows a six month team project, involving all of the Association’s twelve staff, reviewing and revising RSMA’s systems and processes to ensure they met the demands of the new international quality standard; “The strength and professionalism of the entire RSMA team is evidenced by the achievement of this award and I am immensely proud of the input of all of our staff” said George Lee, RSMA Chief Executive.


RSMA has, over the years, developed a range of innovative, and often bespoke, training solutions for the Highways sector and achieving certification evidences the integrity of both the training we develop and also the integrity of the development process that ensures customers get a top quality service, designed around their needs, that is also reliable and sustainable.


The inclusion of the Association’s Representation activities is also something we saw as a highlight for the organisation and its members. Representation and Lobbying is something that is often misunderstood and even misrepresented, therefore, having it included in the scope of our quality accreditation has provided RSMA with the opportunity to evidence the legitimacy of the work we do to gather, analyse and promote members views and interests, whether that is to other sector bodies or local, national and European government.