"Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future"

John F. Kennedy


Roadmarking Live 2017 sees the Association return to its ‘Conference roots’ following the venture into larger multi-disciplinary events, with ERIC in 2016.

Featuring industry focussed, high profile speakers, whose actions and words have a day-to-day impact upon the road marking sector, road marking companies and road marking operatives, Roadmarking Live 2017 is, once again a ‘must attend’ for those active in the road marking sector.

As the first organisation within the Highways sector to provide live demonstrations of equipment and materials, now so often copied by other larger events, the RSMA has also secured for Roadmarking Live 2017 major innovators in materials, equipment and operator safety to provide first UK exposure to their new ideas and approaches, thereby providing attendees with the opportunity to explore the potential commercial advantage they can gain by becoming early adopters of these new exciting ideas.


Roadmarking Live 2017 - Structures & Standards is an event full of possibilities for delegates where they can prioritise what they want to learn, what they want hear and what they want to see. Options are available to a 2 day event, a 1 day event or the Association Annual Dinner, all designed to ensure that all sizes of road marking organisations and supply partners are provided for.


Roadmarking Live 2017 - 1st Annual RSMA Contractor Workshop

The full 2 day event kicks off on Wednesday 15th November with a new initiative The 1st Annual RSMA Contractors Workshop, introduced in response to research amongst RSMA members which highlighted a demand for more practical and interactive support from the Association.

The 1st Annual RSMA Contractors Workshop looks at the dramatic changes that are taking place in client structures and the new approaches by clients to developing large regional and sub regional maintenance frameworks, developments which could threaten to squeeze out small and medium sized contractors from the marketplace.

Attendees at the RSMA Contractors Workshop will hear first-hand about the drivers for change, the implications and design of new maintenance frameworks, how they can secure their place in the supply chain and once ‘on the list’ how they can ensure they get paid for the work they do and avoid delivering work for no financial reward.   


In designing the RSMA Contractors Workshop the Association have secured the services of leading experts, in each of these areas:

Paul Smith – Executive Director of the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation will outline:

  • How major frameworks are designed and developed
  • The impact of the development of large combined authorities on SMEs trying to retain or win local contracts
  • How Local Authorities are trying to protect the interests of local SMEs, as contracts get larger and larger

Philip Collard, CEO of My Console will advise on:

  • The priority areas within tenders
  • Managing the tender process
  • The skills needed to stand a chance of winning in a competitive environment
  • Learning about collaboration and co-operation with clients, as part of the tendering process

Gerald Kelly, General Manager of the Confederation of Construction Specialists, and Colin Hale, a specialist Contract Lawyer will brief attendees on:

  • How to understand and meet contractual obligations
  • Delivering the required services
  • Agreeing and confirming contractual variations
  • Getting paid for the work done and your legal rights to prompt payment.


Roadmarking Live 2017 – The Conference & Exhibition

The ‘main’ event on Thursday 16th November is, of course, the 20th RSMA Annual Conference, with an array of big name speakers to provide an insight into the future direction of the highways sector as a whole and how this will impact on the road marking industry.


Mike Wilson – Director & Chief Highways Engineer at Highways England

Mike is responsible for leading the technical and professional services business within Highways England. 'Network Services' consists of 300 professional staff providing expertise in all areas of highways and transportation including asset management, environmental assessment, road user and worker safety, and external communications.

There can be few better placed to outline the direction of travel of Highways England over the next few years, to brief industry and fellow clients on health and safety, and operational and asset management demands from the UK’s largest highways client and also the role of specialist contractors, large and small, in delivering HE’s demanding business plans up to, and beyond, 2020.


Simon Neilson – President of ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Planning and Transportation)

Elected as President in June 2017, Simon brings an extensive amount of experience from his day job as Executive Director - Economy & Environment, Walsall Council

Simon's role encompasses leadership of a broad range of metropolitan services and he works closely with colleagues across the Black Country to support economic development; amongst his areas of activity that will be of particular interest for Roadmarking Live attendees will be his involvement in establishing the West Midlands Combined Authority, with the associated implications this will have on how the highway asset (including road markings) will be managed and maintained. With concern over access to contracting opportunities growing as tenders get larger, attendees will no doubt seek reassurance that focus will remain on effective delivery of specialist maintenance such as road markings.


Martin Duffy – Collaboration & Improvement Director, Keir Highways

Appointed to his post at Keir Highways in early 2017, Martin has spent his 30+ year career immersed in infrastructure funding and maintenance, working for both public and private sector clients gaining extensive experience in managing relationships and generating successful outcomes.


Martin will share Keir’s renowned approach to collaboration and show how capacity can be developed within organisations, with different cultures, and how key elements such as understanding the barriers faced in the specialist supply chain, identifying solutions and achieving successful outcomes across organisations.


David Bishop – Policy & Research Co-ordinator, BUILD UK

David is currently leading on a major BUILD UK Project that is looking to streamline and simplify the pre-qualification systems across UK construction, including the highways sector. All too often Contractors find that they need to be registered under up to four or five different pre-qualification schemes if they are to bid for work from different clients; each of these schemes is different enough to require different interpretations of similar policies, procedures and  practices and they all charge for audit and registration.


David will outline what BUILD UK are trying to achieve in producing a single standardised Pre-Qualification regime and actively seek RSMA Conference Delegates views and advice on what needs to be achieved for the Highways sector and how to improve the current situation.


Jesse Norman MP – Road Safety Minister (To be confirmed)

Jesse Norman, the recently appointed Road Safety Minister has also been invited to hear about the importance of the road marking sector and the dynamic and innovative approach that is integral to what we do. We also hope to hear from him an outline of the Government’s commitment to funding road maintenance (and road safety) at all levels whether local, regional or national.



Roadmarking Live 2017 – Dynamic & Live Demonstrations

RSMA were the first in the UK to bring conference delegates live demonstrations of road marking materials and equipment and although often copied by others since then our demos are rarely bettered for innovation and expertise.

This year we can promise delegates exciting new materials, innovative truck mounted road marking equipment along with a major new product that will enhance road worker and driver safety; all of this in addition to access to the leading road marking material and equipment manufacturers from the UK and Europe.


For more information, please visit: http://www.rsma.co.uk/event/rsma-annual-conference-2017