During the last 12 months, ORAS has been undergoing a review which has led to the following:


  • A 2 day process, with the second day being an on-site live assessment;
  • Simplification of all paperwork and revision of all appendices;
  • Revised NHAAS Centre ORAS User Guide;
  • No driving assessment but appreciation of ADR Exemptions, driving regulations, standards and responsibilities remain as a classroom element;
  • Verification of submitted evidence will not take place until the end of the process, which is hoped will allow more flexibility for members.


The benefits of proposed changes include a streamlined process and updated paperwork along with improved delivery time, thus reducing downtime for operatives.


It is intended that the NHAAS will send out new memory stick with all ORAS v2 to registered NHAAS Centres over the next 2 weeks. This will include a new ORAS User Guide, forms, question sets and classroom material.