CITB are running a series of video webinars with a focus on claiming grant and becoming an ATO to deliver in-house training. These are aimed at the people responsible for claiming grant and organising training in construction companies. Registration is here:


Until all the new systems are fully up and running employers must be signed up for CITB Grants Online to claim grants as the Training Plan is no longer supported. Sign up to Grants Online at


CITB no longer issue cheques, so need to have employers’ bank details to pay grant – download a BACS form from


See for a more detailed overview of the changes to the grants scheme, and contact 0344 944 4455 or if additional help is needed.




What qualifications are supported?

All qualifications, at all levels, that are in scope of CITB.


There are two categories of qualifications:


Short Period Qualifications - courses that have less than 30 days recommended classroom training and course work regardless of where this take place, and have a planned duration of less than one year. These are listed at



Long Period Qualifications - courses that have a minimum of 30 days recommended classroom training and course work regardless of where this takes place, and a planned duration of one year or more. These are listed at


How do I claim?

Current claimers? No change to current methods.


New claimer? Call 0344 944 4455 or email


How much will I get?

Grants are dependent on duration. Short Period Qualifications are paid on achievement only. Long Period Qualifications also have an element of attendance. Rates can be seen here:


Short Period -


Employers with under 100 employees can access up to £10,000 of funds to support skills and training. Find out more here: