The conclusion of this year’s Roadmarking Live saw the Industry Awards celebration once again, though this year expanded to reflect the abundance of skill, talent and innovation within our sector. The very deserving winners epitomise the high standards and success that can be achieved in the roadmarking sector.


The five awards this year were:

  • Apprentice of the Year
  • The Health & Safety Initiative of the Year
  • The Roadmarking Innovation of the Year
  • Small Contractor of the Year
  • Supplier of the Year


All five awards were judged by our impartial industry experts:

  • Steve McEvoy – NSAC SAP Officer – CITB
  • Tony Scawthon - Former Training Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Steve Betteridge – Lincolnshire Road Laboratory


Health & Safety Initiative of the Year – Sponsored by DBi Services

Winner Quality Marking Services for Safety Alert

“The evidence supplied was more comprehensive than other entrants were. The evidence followed the start to the finish of an accident at work, showing the improvement to the work equipment and therefore eliminating and reducing the risk to any other operative.”

Runner-up: ‘You-Said-We-Did’ – WJ Group



Road Marking Innovation of the Year - Sponsored by National Highways Academy

Winner Quality Marking Services for Re-Flow Mobile App

“With the introduction of the Reflow information system, it improved the information and communication of the workforce, management and client. This improved efficiency to the benefit of company and client.”

Runner-up: ‘The Specialist Agenda’ – WJ Group



Road Marking Apprentice of the Year - Supported by CITB

Winner - Billy Taylor of Wilson & Scott

“This award has been given to the candidate who has achieved a great deal in a reasonably short period. Taking into account, they had no prior knowledge of the road lining industry before beginning working in it they have overcome certain challenges to achieve high quality work and high recognition from their peers.”

Runner-ups:  Liam Squire of Quality Marking Services and Roy Williams of WJ



Small Contractor of the Year - Sponsored by Tricketts Insurance

WinnerQuality Marking Services

“This award was achieved based on the continuing development and investment along with being customer focused and the endorsement by clients.”

Runner-up SAS Lining Services



Supplier of the Year - Sponsored by Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates

Winner - Ennis Flint

“This company had a strong record of supporting the customer needs and adjusting quickly to customers bespoke requirements in relation to highways and amenity working.”

Runner-up: Allglass UK Ltd



The quality of all the entries this year was very high, which in itself is a testament to the standard now seen across the roadmarking industry. Through these awards, we can recognise excellence in the industry and demonstrate what can be achieved. We look forward to celebrating with you again next year.