With an ambition to set a common safety standard for more than 50 thousand workers across its whole supply chain, Highways England has announced a new Health and Safety Passport scheme. Safety is at the centre of this new scheme. The passport strives to simplify the method of gaining access to construction sites with a personalised smart card, assuring competency, qualification and fitness to work across Highways England’s construction workforce.


Operations Regional Director at Highways England, Simon Jones said:

“Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Highways England.


“Our Health and Safety Passport scheme sets a common safety standard for colleagues across our supply chain. It will make it simpler for staff to transfer between sites and for companies to verify that the people who work for them have the training, qualifications and competencies to work on any site.


“We hope that within 12 months all the suppliers we work with will be using the system.”


The card is checkable using smartphone technology to help build a picture of the workforce and help colleagues to transfer between sites and suppliers with ease.


Working with over twenty different suppliers and partners from across the industry, the common introduction course delivered by Lantra covers all major projects and construction and renewal sites. Alongside the common induction training, a passport smartcard will be issued to the individual who will be able to carry around their training record, qualifications and competency details in their pocket wherever they work.


The Highways England Safety Passport is set to be discussed at the forthcoming Member Interest Group on 17th January 2018 in York.