Quality Marking Services is the latest industry leader to give its workforce exposure to the Road Safety Markings Association’s “Trial in a Box” interactive health and safety awareness course.


Trial In A Box is a half-day presentation with an engaging and emotive film production and a dedicated facilitator, designed to reinforce the point that following proper procedure is not only a legal requirement but can and does prevent potentially catastrophic outcomes with serious consequences, including custodial sentencing, from the CEO to on-the-ground operatives.


The hard-hitting film is split into bite size sections, allowing the facilitator to engage with delegates throughout. It analyses the sequence of events leading up to the incident, the accident itself, and the many repercussions that follow, including interviews under caution with a Company Director, the Vehicle Driver and the Supervisor to assess who is to stand trial.


Devon-based QMS, which won the RSMA’s annual industry award for its pioneering safety alert and near miss monitoring scheme, is led by Managing Director Greg Clark who says: “Health and safety is critical to everything we do. We wanted to further improve the content and frequency of our vehicle and plant checksheets, and emphasise to both field-based and office staff the importance of carrying out safety checks at all times.


“During the first coffee-break in the course, it was great to see members of the team immediately getting into a huddle to discuss what they could do better in the future.  Overall, we found it a very effective experience.”


Eversheds Sutherland, one of the worlds’ largest law firms and the leader in Health and Safety law in the UK, worked with the RSMA to create the training. Increasingly, the firm says it is seeing individuals being prosecuted for personal breaches of health and safety law, as well as, or even instead of employers.


The aims and objectives of the Trial in a Box course are that delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise a range of significant contributory factors that caused the specific incident
  • Suggest how the actions of specific people in the scenario may have breached Health & Safety (or other Statutory) requirements
  • Identify alternative good practice that should have been adopted in the scenario
  • Identify the potential wide ranging implications for all parties involved
  • Suggest how the points highlighted in the workshop may be incorporated back in the workplace.



The fatal incident featured in the film involves falling from a height – the biggest cause of fatal injury in Britain’s workplaces, with falls from ladders, vehicles and fork-lift trucks accounting for the vast majority of these, according to the Health & Safety Executive.


A short trailer for the film is available here:



To discuss Trial in a Box course for your organisation, contact Andy Richmond arichmond@rsma.co.uk



  • Trial in a Box is eligible for CITB funding as part of a Company Training Plan
  • The course must be included in the Company’s Training Plan logged with the CITB to claim but it can be added to an existing Plan after the event
  • Companies claiming the funding must be CITB levy paying
  • CITB offers a contribution of £25.00 per delegate  to a maximum of £750
  • The number of attendees cannot be more than 30
  • Available up to 31st March 2018 when the current scheme expires