B&CE have been continuing to develop a new, simplified occupational health scheme that works for the construction industry. 


This summer, they consulted with the industry on the proposed framework, a three-year plan that clarifies the complex health and safety legislation that employers need to comply with. The framework was developed in collaboration with an Occupational Health (OH) Steering Group made up of employers, occupational health professionals, regulators and Federations.


Through both face-to-face events and an online consultation, B&CE received valuable feedback from contractors, clients, occupational health service providers and individual workers.


Respondents commented that the framework provides a simple, clear and robust approach to managing workers’ health. The points which respondents challenged B&CE, such as the proposed framework cycle, legal compliance, availability and accessibility, are all being considered as they develop the next iteration of the framework.


A number of respondents asked why mental health is not included in the framework.  Raising awareness of, and improving mental health outcomes is vital for the industry and B&CE will continue to work with the OH Steering Group to review developments in this area, and include them when appropriate.