Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Oxbotica has announced an ambitious new project that will deploy fully autonomous vehicles in urban areas and on motorways in the next 30 months. The project is one of a number of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology schemes given £38m of Government funding under the driverless cars stream of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) to develop the next generation of AI and control systems.

The project, which starts imminently, will see a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles being deployed in urban areas and on motorways, culminating in an end-to-end journey from London to Oxford.

Oxbotica chief executive Dr Graeme Smith said: ‘Today’s news is truly ground-breaking. No company, group or consortium of autonomy experts has ever attempted what DRIVEN is planning over the next 30-months. We are seeking to address some of the most fundamental challenges preventing the future commercial deployment of fully autonomous vehicles.’


The vehicles will operate at Level 4 autonomy – meaning they have the capability of performing all safety-critical driving functions and monitoring roadway conditions for an entire trip, with zero-passenger occupancy.


Road markings are going to be crucial to the introduction of autonomous vehicles on UK roads. Unless roads are maintained to a high standard, autonomous vehicles will not be utilised to their potential and will have difficulty traversing the network.


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