First UK Road Trial in a Decade to Commence July 2020

25 February 2019

It has been agreed by the RSMA Executive Committee that the first UK road trial of line marking products and studs in over 10 years shall commence in July 2020.

Having considered the possibility of initiating the trial in July 2019, the RSMA believes 2020 provides a robust timeline within which success can be achieved. RSMA shall maintain the momentum of the planning process and, following agreement with Highways England and REMA of the Memorandum of Understanding and draft license agreement, shall, after appropriate consultation with potential partners, select a preferred partner (BBA/BSI).

RSMA hopes to be able to select the preferred partner by Spring 2019. RSMA, with the support of REMA shall then work with the preferred partner in the 12 months prior to the trial to de-risk the event and ensure a successful outcome.

Stu McInroy, RSMA Chief Executive, said:

"Successful execution of the next UK road trial of line marking products and studs is dependent upon an appropriate level of risk management. A road trial is a highly complex event that requires comprehensive planning and preparation; commencing the trial in 2020 provides an appropriate and robust timeline to meet all the planning requirements in good time and the opportunity to work closely with the preferred partner in the run up to the event."

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