EU’s 15 Mandatory Ways to Improve Car Safety

28 March 2019

Yesterday the EU announced that from 2022, certain safety technologies will become mandatory in European vehicles to protect passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Although Britain may not be part of the EU in 2022, the UK regulator, the Vehicle Certification Agency, has said it will mirror these safety standards for UK vehicles.

The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) notes lane-keeping assist as being one of the mandated requirements.

RSMA has previously voiced its concern that UK road markings are not yet at a standard where cars will easily be able to read them. This concern carries to the safety technologies announcement, as with insufficient infrastructure, safety technologies such as lane-keeping assist will not work optimally.

Currently, lane-keeping assist technology monitors road markings and as it ‘sees’ a car straying from the lane, will adjust the steering to stay in lane.

Stu McInroy, Chief Executive of the RSMA, said:

“My concern is that the supporting infrastructure that would be required to support these new technologies as they become mandatory has not been fully considered.

“Mandating such technological capability must be supported by appropriately funded and maintained infrastructure. If road markings aren't replenished, refurbished or replaced, they lose reflectivity and are unable to support a vehicles ability to read the road - mandated or not.”

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